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MP who was caught in a strip club drama is under fire


Ugandan MP Moses Balyeku has come under fire from angry citizen who are opposed to the move by President Museveni’s party National Resistance Movement (NRM) which wants to scrap age-limit from the constitution so that the incubent leader could be president for life.

President Museveni has been in power since 1986 and democratically elected as president since 1996. The age-limit issue is controversial because long-standing leader is 73 years old and the limit for re-election is capped at 75.

Uganda’s current constitutional age limit would prevent Museveni from standing for a sixth term in the 2021 elections. Museveni’s party has been trying to do everything within their means to scrap the age-limit just like they did away with two-term limit in 2005 to allow Museveni to stand for a third term.

Angry Ugandans have fired salvos at Moses Balyeku, an MP from Jinja, who is supporting the bid to scrap age-limit. Netizens shared photos the MP at a strip club as they took shots at him.

Moses Balyeku





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