Muthoni Wachira might just be the next Anyiko Owoko


Anyiko Owoko is the go-to person when it comes to entertainment and music public relations and every person who is in the industry knows this or at least wants to join in knows who she is either in person or by reputation.

That being said, there’s one Muthoni Wachira who is coming up in the entertainment scene as a PR to reckon with and she has already started to make up a reputation for herself.

Anyiko Owoko in black and white attire
Anyiko Owoko | courtesy

Muthoni Wachira is the PR person behind the dynamic duo Amos and Josh and she has been doing a good job making sure Amos and Josh gets what’s due to them in the big entertainment pie.

According to reports reaching Biggest Kaka, Muthoni is a respected and revered person in the corporate circles and she knows how to conduct herself professionally and she is young too so there’s more of her to offer. She has a huge, tremendous and powerful legit connections in her circles, the likes of Capital Fm’s Anita Nderu, One Fm’s Cate Rira, Avril Nyambura(Avril) and Rose Ntondongu.

Muthoni Wachira
Muthoni Wachira | courtesy

The future seem bright for the talented young PR Muthoni Wachira who is following the multi talented Anyiko Owoko’s successful footsteps.


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