Bridget Achieng stars in a Tanzanian movie


Bridget Achieng is a woman who made a name for herself for being real in whatever she does and not by trying to be something she is not. The socialite who is also an entrepreneur, businesswoman, actress and a vlogger. She is indeed a multi-talented woman with beauty and brains. The Nairobi Diaries actress went over the other side of the border in Tanzania to act.

The outspoken, never shy, no nonsense but beautiful, curvaceous Bridget shot a skit in Tanzania with one of the talented and famous comedian there by the name of Mkaliwenu together with Tanzanian Bongo star Qboy , where she dazed Mkaliwenu with her gigantic, alluring nyash.

Here is the skit which Bridget Achieng starred in

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