Vera Sidika blasts Kenya Airways(KQ)


It is no lie how Vera Sidika is a patriot to her country and that being said, she tries as much as she can to always fly with Kenya Airways(KQ) but she always gets disappointed whenever she travels with them but she can no longer take it and she has had enough.

Vera Sidika at the Kenya Airways' lounge | Instagram
Vera Sidika at the Kenya Airways’ lounge | Instagram

“I actually felt maybe I should try KQ to Dubai for a change. Biggest mistake …” Vera Sidika

She has taken to social media to blast how incompetent the airline is and how she has been a subject of one inconvenience to the other. She wrote this bitterly:

Vera Sidika taking a picture at Kenya Airways offices | Instagram
Vera Sidika taking a picture at Kenya Airways offices | Instagram

-KENYA AIRWAYS- Nobody I know praises my country Kenya and KQ like I do whenever I’m in foreign Countries. But it’s sickening that sometimes I would have to just be patriotic, smile and lie about bout how amazing KQ is when I have personally had the worst experiences with KQ in my entire life of Traveling. No airline has disappointed me as much as Kenya airways and trust me I travel a lot so I have experienced other airlines more that once or twice. Just in 2016 the number of times they have lost my bags and had to find them and return (after ranting on snapchat), delayed flights, Get luggage with missing items as petty as perfumes etc among common tendencies. It even got worse as the aircraft Air conditioner stopped working while at a stop over in Brazzaville heading Kinshasa. The entire plane was literally heated up and People were almost suffocating (it’s an aero plane you can’t open no damn windows). We had to evacuate the aircraft so they can manually pump air for almost 1 hour before take off. Like really!!! I have always fought KQ battles. I’m always defending them no matter what I always pledge they’re the best in Africa and would personally take pics like this out of Patriotism not that I’m even paid to do so!!! But you Always let Kenyans and Our visitors down. It’s very sad so many people suffer with KQ. But They’re so soft and weak to complain or even talk about it anywhere. I honestly don’t care what anyone thinks I’m just tired!!! The other day when going TZ a crew mentioned why don’t you fly with us to Dubai u always on Emirates. Y’all know I only fly Emirates to Dubai. Never KQ. I actually felt maybe I should try KQ to Dubai for a change. Biggest mistake. 11pm flight delayed and moved to 4am. Women, children etc have to sleep or stay up on those uncomfortable Metallic seats at the airport for over 5 hours (Atleast if they had comfy seats) it’s just sad. Some of us could go back home sleep for 3 hours or so but getting back seeing


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