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the truth: what happened to Vera Sidika’s pregnancy?


Many expected Vera to be a mother but the socialite had a totally different story to tell about what happened to her pregnancy. Sometime in 2014, a viral photo caught Kenyans by surprise and the subject was none other but the queen herself, heavily pregnant.

The photo was taken way back before the socialites’ queen bleached her skin. The photo looked real, and if it was photo shopped, then the brain behind it must have been a genius from Silicon Valley.

Vera Sidika showing her baby bump back in the day | photo: courtesy
Vera Sidika showing her baby bump back in the day | photo: courtesy

Conspiracy theorists came up with all sorts of explanations to Vera’s pregnancy given that the socialite hadn’t revealed whether she had ever been a mother or lost her pregnancy. It took months for Vera to come up with an explanation to quell all rumors that were circulating about her pregnancy.

The socialite said she had never been pregnant in her life as she had always used protection.

“I have never been pregnant, I have always used protection. That photo was fake!” Vera Sidika cleared the air on her pregnancy several months after the photo surfaced online.

And that was our Throwback story of today!

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