meet the only Kenyan and Kilimani Mums lady who got a photo with American model Brock O’Hurn


One Kenyan lady and reportedly a member of Kilimani mums, the famous Facebook group known for all sorts vibe. American top professional LA-based model, Brock O’Hurn was in Kenya recently.

Kenyan ladies must the thirstiest in Africa if not worldwide. When news broke that Brock O’Hurn was visiting the country. They went berserk online, each narrating how they would feel if they got a chance to be next to him, even married ones.

And after dreaming and wishing, Brock O’Hurn came and believe it or not, only one Kenyan lady was lucky to get a snap with him .

And she was the envy of all Kenyan ladies who had been pining after the model.

Brock O’Hurn and the only lucky Kenyan lady


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