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The lord of POVERTY Raila Odinga came with his signature bloodshed and death


DP William Ruto is not amazed by the grand return of NASA leader Raila Odinga. Mr. Odinga was on Friday received by his supporters and other politicians amid chaos that resulted to the death of several Kenyans.

There were burning tyres,burning vehicles,stone throwing and air filled with tear gas as police engaged in running battles with the hundreds of people who turned up at the airport.

‘The lord of POVERTY & master of VIOLENCE came with his signature chaos, destruction, bloodshed and death. Barbaric, undemocratic&primitive’ DP Ruto says.

Here are some of the reactions from the tweet:

The lord of land grabbing, Nepotism and corruption plus impunity will today survey how big Dr. Gakuru’s land is in Nyeri as he utters a lot of abusive remarks today against NRM and it’s leaders. Thanks to the ICC criminal case survivor by a wink.

Spare us sir,,, I better relate with the lord of land grabbing, corruption and impunity than associating with the lord of deaths, violence and property destruction.

Was Rt. Hon. Raila responsible for Kiambaa Massacre ..Jakob Juma, Musando, Kajwang, Saitoti, Kilonzo etc deaths..

Wewe conmon mwanchi wanakufa day by day..and nobody said a word. Respect our DP pliz.

They are dying as a result of the worst rated police force who do not know the basics of handling a welcoming ceremony and thinking its a coup. We do not have a P or DP now, the Cases at SCOK are water tight.

You should be worried of the gods. They are warming up for you. We shall not relent too as we are at the receiving end. We saw the police start the Violence. Spraying hot water to a peaceful people keenly listening to their leader, and then attempting to assassinate Raila. Well.

Hahaha dp hapo hujakosea…the best part is all of those who died they will be buried in Luo nyanza then I always ask my self does kambas survive live bullets ama they don’t participate in some activities??

I’m not a kamba but the most peaceful tribe in Kenya is Akamba, not that they’re cowards no.

Let’s keep calm and wait for SCOK ruling on Monday. Take oath of office. Then sort out this old stooge who’s been taking kenya hostage. Deal with perpendicularly or ruthlessly! Watajua hawajui.

Master of Violence?? I thought you were the one charged in ICC for crimes against humanity, Mass MURDER, Deportation or forcible transfer of a population, torture and persecution of the Kenyan people! Just a quick reminder.

Raila Odinga says, the third liberation just began.

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