top things you need to know about Kikuyu women


Everybody knows and share a love, hate relationship with Kikuyus. Granted there are no hardworking people in Kenya especially in terms of business than Kikuyus though most men are stingy with their money but still, we work hard.

Not to sound bias or anything but Kikuyus has beautiful women out there and don’t get me started on name dropping, don’t tempt me.

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A Kikuyu woman can hold a man down even when he is broke and got nothing to his name, when a Kikuyu woman loves you, she loves you for real. Here are a few key things of note that will make you know and understand a Kikuyu woman better.

They are beautiful

I mean this is a given, it’s no brainer, Kikuyu women has beautiful women with that fair complexion and when you get a dark Kikuyu woman, you will never take your eyes off of her. They have a pretty face, cute smile, perfect curve with small hands and feet so you know she is indeed a goddess to behold and be cherished through out her life.

They love money

This is rather a stereotype than true as nowadays it’s safe to say that most women from different background loves money, I mean who doesn’t after all money makes the world go round. That being said, yes Kikuyu women indeed loves money more than most, sadly.

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they forget to maintain their body once they get married

If you are dating a Kikuyu woman that you intend to marry in the near future, make sure you cherish all the selfies you take together and all the photos she sents you because once she becomes your wife and starts to bear children for you, just forget that petite, curvy chick you used to date because she is gone as she will be replaces with a plump carefree woman who almost always a turban wherever she goes and no longer dresses to impress you because she already got you. Men you better be prepared for this.

they are good in bed even when they don’t know, they are a natural

Wololo yaye! kikuyu women are the best in bed no lie, I have never met or encountered a Kikuyu woman who isn’t wet truth be told. You know when a woman is wet, there isn’t going to be any problem there whatsoever so happy sliding all the way to river Jordan to a happy ending. Just have an experience with a Kikuyu woman and you will forever be a Kiku-liever(Kikuyu Believer).

Kikuyu woman is a loyal woman

Kikuyu woman will never cheat on you, never. Like I said earlier, she is the type of woman who holds her man down and believes in starting all the way from the bottom with her partner and she will easily indulge in her husband’s business just to see it flourish.

she doesn’t know how to cook

Sema Mashakura! This is so true, the only Kikuyu woman who you will meet that knows how to cook is one who is chef by profession or who took cooking classes to better herself in this area.

They love their family

It is arguably believed that when you marry a Kikuyu woman, you ultimately marry her entire family. I actually admire this, as many people don’t have this trait, it somewhat brings the family even closer than ever. She will forever help her parents and siblings if she is in a position to in a heart beat.

They adore their children to death

The way a Kikuyu woman loves her children is indescribable. The love she has for her children is admirable and she is willing to do anything for them even divorce her husband for them and if an event of a divorce happens to happen, she will choose the custody of her children over everything else. That’s how pure their love for their children really is

children tend to listen to them more than their father

I tend to see this is only natural as the way she pampers he kids with love, they seem to respond more to her than their father. Kikuyu children always have a soft spot for their mothers and tend to listen more to her more than the father. I am not saying this as a bad thing, it’s actually noble for children to bond more with their mothers than their fathers but in Kikuyu women’s case, their children loves them hard and will always almost do everything she asks of them.

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