Vera Sidika opens up about her potential Nigerian man who’s lowkey driving her crazy


Vera Sidika the other day just had a public breakup with a Nigerian businessman and she swore he doesn’t want anything to do with men right not let alone Nigerian men. However she can’t help herself when it comes to Nigerian men who knows how to treat the women right, spoil them silly and make them a priority.

She opened up via Instagram stories how she is currently crazy for anonymous Nigerian man who isn’t ready to meet her just yet and want her to get to know him first. According to Vera Sidika, just a mere voice of the man in question makes her wet that she completely forget herself in there reverie. She just might find another Nigerian man to call her bae after he previous relationship failed. I bet Nigerian men surely has a way or two through Kenyan women.

This is what the socialite cum businesswomen and entrepreneur shared via Instagram




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