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Bien Aime Baraza Of Sauti Sol Mocks Kenyans In A Post On Social Media. Why? Find Out All The Details In Here.


Bien of Sauti Sol sure does know how to start a fire. The tall, muscular and handsome member of Sauti Sol is also very outspoken. Very outspoken I repeat!

Photo: Ghafla

He has now stirred the hornet’s nest because of his comments about the Tekno Miles concert that happened over the weekend and how Kenyan fans reacted.

Image: BellaNaija

The disappointing 28-minute set by Tekno Miles left most revellers very disappointed and disgruntled.

According to Bien, Kenyans got what they deserved. This is what he wrote, ” Kenyans have once again taken to social media to rant about Tekno. Camp Mulla makes a comeback and instead of that being the main attraction it’s Tekno!!!!! You really deserve what happened to you last night.”

Funny thing is that most Kenyans took his criticism to heart and agreed with him. Some saying that they would not be attending any other Nigerian artists concerts. Talk about over-reactions!

calm down
Image: askideas

I do understand that the concert was very poorly planned and poorly executed but we should not now paint all Nigerian artists with the same brush. What I do agree with is that Kenyans do not support our own musicians unlike how other African nations support their own.

What do you guys think of Bien’s rant on social media? Do you agree or disagree?


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