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Betty Kyallo throws subliminal jabs at Susan Kaittany after having her arrested


Susan Kaittany and Betty Kyallo most definitely have love lost after their little incident that had Betty call cops on her former best friend yesterday.

Betty Kyallo finally opened up about her issues with Susan Kaittany but of course she threw subliminal when she posted a late night post yesterday talking about back-stabbing friends and how poetic was it to talk about friends when the whole country knows that her and Susan had a bad fall out, a bad public one to be precise.


This is what the KTN news presenter who you will soon see her on your TV set after they were officially turned back on after seven days of being shut down:

Yo my peeps. I want to make a shout to a few sets of special people in my life.
1. To everyone who texts or calls you or prays(genuinely) when you are going through something, be blessed sana sana sana. <
2. To everyone who claims to be a friend but they are the first to forward gossip on WhatsApp and ask “guys have you seen this”
😂😂😂 I see you😉 <
3. To everyone who claims to a be a friend but “they would rather give you time to go through something alone then holla later because they were giving you time”
😂😂😂 as you were😉

4. To everyone who “leaves group” when they shouldn’t then they miraculously tokelezea when everything is ok. You know that new Nyashinski song? 👊🏼 <
Moral of the story, when your ‘friendship circle’ becomes thinner, you are definitely heading the right direction, keep going!
😘😘😘 Haya ni hayo tu kwa Sasa. <
Meanwhile we are back on air. Si tuonane kesho 9am? Ama namna gani. Goodnight kwa wale wanaonipenda (nawapenda pia) wengine chukueni goodnight kwa notice board


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