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this is the new Matatu that’s going to change the ‘mat-game’ as we know it(photos)


Transport industry in the country has never been so competitive than in the recent past after ‘Matatus'(souped-up vehicles for commuting according to Kenya’s sheng slang) were introduced in to the market and many matatus has come and many has left the industry but what’s for sure is that the culture which is almost a norm to matatu owners and proprietors will never ever cease to exist.

Many folks has come forward to claim that matatus popularly known as ‘nganyas’ from their estate, hood and/or are the dopest in the game but many will definitely agree with me that matatus from Ongata Rongai are the flyest, dopest and souped up in the market as of now and there are no other route comes close to it and that’s why their fare are always high compared to the rest.

That’s just my opinion though.

Here’s the latest, almost done matatu that is soon to be unleashed in the thriving industry, what do you think about this ‘nganya’ today in our #MatatuCulture segment, is it dope or nah?

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