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is Brain Freeze the latest matatu to take the industry by storm?


If you love Nairobi and you don’t love the most unique element of the Nairobi’s culture, Matatu, then you are missing out and
you need a reality check.

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The matatu industry has been booming with new matatus getting unveiled on the daily with Ongata Rongai leading with the most souped up matatus in the country, many more are coming up from different routes to take the throne and a new matatu Brain Freeze plying on the 36/60 Umoja route might just be on the way of dethroning Ongata Rongai’s latest beast on the road, Mack Bully.

Photos via: Matatu Galore and Matatu Industry Reborn

Check out the photos of Brain Freeze and you might just agree with me on this one.


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