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Lilian Muli grilled by Kenyans for asking “silly question” to top KCPE student and she responds fiercely!


Lilian Muli leads a life of glamour and fame that goes hand in hand with controversy and criticism because of her very public profile. After the results of the this years KCPE were released,  Goldalyn Kakuya emerged tops in the country and thus was granted an interview on Citizen T.V which Lilian Muli was anchoring.

Lilian Muli and top KCPE girl
Lilian Muli and top KCPE girl. photo credit: Instagram/lilimuli

Now many would expect that such an interview would be devoid of landmines, but Lilian( bless her soul) was able to walk on one. She was hosting Goldalyn Kakuya and her parents on the evening of Wednesday, November 22 when she asked Goldalyn’s mother whether her daughter has a boyfriend.

Lilian Muli and top KCPE girl and mother
Lilian Muli and top KCPE girl and mother. photo credit: Instagram/lilimuli

As you would expect many Kenyans went ballistic with the attacks coming hard and fast. Lilian hasn’t learnt that we are a very hypocritical people who see the specks in each others eyes but don’t see the logs in our own? But what do I know anyway?

Here is the video below:



Any-who, the question has led to a meltdown on social media with some sample comments below:

She retorted on her social media page with this screenshot and response:

Lilian Muli screenshot
Lilian Muli. photo credit: Instagram/lilmuli


“I refuse to let people like these insult and get away with it! Why are people so angry though how do you draw a child into such stupid talk! To you Mr Blue suit Watch the interview on Youtube preferably when sober since you are clearly kinda inebriated (google that word lest you think it’s the name of a country). I asked her mother about phones and then asked her if she’s had any issues raising a teenager such as boyfriend drama. Did I at any point direct a boyfriend question to her! Unless you grew up in some hole in a pit latrine most 14 years olds have crushes at this age it’s part of growing up! But then again call me that name you posted to my face and let’s square it out man to woman since you choose to hide behind your private account. Kazi yako ni kuchungulia tu to see what I’m up to lately! Men with cheap blue suits lol did you wash and iron your suit instead of drycleaning it bruh?! Don’t be mad at me it ain’t my fault someone hurt you.”

Is this bullying? Hmm!


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