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This is the ‘GUY’ that is currently taking Tanzanian hip hop scene on the next level


Whoa! this dude can flow on the mic and the best part of it all is he does it seamlessly in pure Swahili though he’s a Tanzanian that’s almost a given. I am talking about one Darassa who is a rap artiste doing it big in East Africa and his song with Ben Pol ‘Muziki’ is now practically an anthem everywhere.

Darassa | Youtube excerpt from 'Too Much' music video
Darassa | Youtube excerpt from ‘Too Much’ music video

Darassa’s way of flowing on the beat its so unique so much so that you can even be nodding and jamming to the music even if you don’t know what he is saying. Recently he performed infront of thousands in his native country Tanzania, in Mbeya city where everybody knew the lyrics for all of his hit songs like ‘Too Much’ and ‘Muziki’. If these videos don’t make you respect this rapper that most of people don’t know about, I honestly don’t know what will, o! maybe if he does a collabo with the one and only Diamond Platnumz.

🙏🏾 MBEYA 🙏🏾 . . Hii style ya kucheza inaitwa #flightdance We Fly with #heyahaye Mbeya #muziki

A video posted by MagicMusicBoy #CMG (@darassacmg) on

Darassa is hands down a man to watch and a talent to admire. Watch the video for ‘Muziki’ below where he features yet another talented artiste Ben Pol


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