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Revealed! Ongata Rongai matatu catalyst ran over a guy on 2016 Nganya Awards


Apparently all went loose at the 2016 Nganya Awards and not everything was merry after all as one of the fans who came out to cheer on allegedly fell off a moving matatu(catalyst matatu to be exact, the one Trey Songz boarded).
It is not clear what might have caused the deceased to fall off the matatu but it’s self explanatory because when you see how people were hanging onto the matatu cheering and acting like hooligans you will understand how one falling off could be a possibility.
It is key to note that the Ongata Rongai operating matatu won this year’s Ongata Rongai Nganya Awards which is separate from the Saturday award, so it won twice this year

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The deceased however has not yet been identified, keep it here for more. Watch the gruesome video below

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