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Octopizzo opens about how much he charges for a feature


Octopizzo is one rap artiste that has always made sure people know that he is in the music industry for the business aspect of it and not any other perks thus far, he has the same reasons that got 50 Cent in the game.

On his recent interview, the rapper opened up about how much he charges for a feature after a few days talking about why he doesn’t work with established artistes.

Octopizzo on a recent interview. photo credit: Instagram/octopizzo
Octopizzo on a recent interview at Ebru TV station. photo credit: Instagram/octopizzo


“I don’t do collabos for the love, for the culture or for the game. I am in business, pure business. But it depends. Most upcoming artistes that I have worked with have never paid me because I liked their energy and hunger. But when I’m charging, it’s $2,000 (200,000).” – the Kibera born rapper said

Octopizzo. photo credit: Instagram/octopizzo
Octopizzo. photo credit: Instagram/octopizzo


Octopizzo’s latest single ‘Sing Along’ is doing well with over 700k views in just three weeks and he did that without any collaborations. When you hear Octopizzo being mentioned as one of the region’s top rap acts, well you better recognized. Watch the full interview below


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