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How a Kisumu man was lured and sodomized after radio hook-up


The internet has brought with it ease to connect and for those looking for opportunities,solutions. For those looking for love, it is even great but you might re-think that hook up online.

A man in Kisumu reveals how he was lured after following a hint from a hook up radio show segment. Desperate to find a soulmate, the man says, after several calls he thought it was safe enough.

After eating a meal of Ugali and Matumbo, the victim says he couldn’t travel back because it was raining,and as he was waiting for his lover, who had disguised himself as a female yet he is male, the  victim was threatened and so he let the guy have his way.

He reveals his biggest mistake was, meeting a person in his comfort zone yet he’d never met him before. Well,this is a wake up call to be always careful, you never know who you are dealing with.

If you have to meet people,just make sure its at a public place and not their convenient locations.

Listen to the whole story;



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