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check out Ongata Rongai’s Kichuna matatu


It is no lie that the Ongata Rongai route, 125 is the most famous with having matatus that are souped up and they don’t shy away from spending with Mack Bully having spent a whooping 9 milllion Kenyan shillings just to pimp it alone, Ongata Rongai or Ronga as it is popularly known is ultimately the don of matatus with others coming close second, yes, others.

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Kichuna is yet another matatu you should keep an eye on, it is souped perfectly and the way I see it, the owner did a perfect job to pimp it because it stands out and that’s what customers want, something flashy and fast so that it can make you reach home fast and safe. Check out the photos of the Kichuna matatu plying the Ongata Rongai route

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