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Celebrity Profile: Choku


Born Wambui Kimaru, Choku (Slang for Chocolate) first made an impact in the Kenyan music scene when she released her single ‘Pole’ featuring popular Genge artiste Jua Cali at south-west records. Choku later released a number of other singles which enabled her to make her mark in the music industry. Some of the other singles she released independently were ‘tamtam’, ‘haya’ and ‘wanatamaa’.

She later joined the Calif Records stable, where she teamed up with Rat-a-tat and the late Lady S (R.I.P)  to form the group Calif Angles on  the hit song ‘Kilio’ which earned her a Kisima awards nomination.

She went on to record the single ‘vitu na like’ with Rat-a tat which was produced by Maichblaq & the Herbalist which also earned her a Kisima award nomination. After this single, Choku decided to resume her solo music career.

In 2010 she recorded and released the song ‘slowride’ which topped the Kenyan music charts for 15weeks. She later in that same year got the hour of being the ambassador of ‘crime si poa’ initiative (an organisation aimed at creating awareness among the youth, empowering them with knowledge with the aim of keeping them away from crime). Her song ‘utatabasamu’ was her lead song as a supporter and ambassador of ‘crime si poa’ initiative.

In 2012, Choku joined the formal workforce as a banker in a Kenyan bank where she served for three years.

Choku is not only an established musician but also a business woman and has been involved in several business ventures over the years. She has also recently ventured into video production and successfully set up a video studio which has been operational since July 2015. The studio under her company STAR DIMENSION MEDIA is fast growing and has recently ventured into music video production.

Choku has made her come back with the song ‘ndani ndani’ which has been received well and is now embarking on  releasing more singles in 2016 going forward.

The single that she released last year ( 2016) is called ‘SIGAWI’ which has an up-tempo beat with her natural coastal flavour.




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