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Catalyst emerged the winner at the Rongai Nganya Awards. photos + video


Ongata Rongai Matatu Awards popularly known as Nganya Award happened and if you are an ardent follower of nganyas(matatu vehicles) or you appreciate Nairobi culture which automatically fits in matatu.

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You will be pleased to find out that none other than Catalyst MMG won the coveted award the other day. It was only fair to award catalyst matatu because it has pretty much evrything from wifi, to backseat TFTs to comfortable seats and it’s a sort of nganya that anyone can pay for even if they hike their fare to Ksh. 1,000.

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Behold the photos of the Nganya of the year, ROngai Nganya Awards; Catalyst and the video of how the event went down.

Watch the video below;

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