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Breaking News! After Trey Songz Got Into One Of Them. Ongata Rongai Matatu Gets In An Accident Leaving Many Dead


It is sad how much accidents are usually caused by Ongata Rongai Matatus in the last years, I know the 125/126 route which is famous for having awesome decorative nganyas with loud music with beautiful makangas but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it warrants them to cause accidents every now and then.

I know accidents are usually ‘accidents’ but it has happened too many times in the ongata rongai route for one to clarify them as mere accidents, I think the drivers might be driving just the way they want to because they can. Now their bad mentality has caused the lives of allegedly 10 people right now.

NTSA you need to do something about these Ongata Rongai accidents because of we are tired of loosing our dear Kenyans through reckless driving.

Biggest Kaka gives out condolences to the family affected. Check out the photos below, viwers discretion adviced

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