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About 2 years ago Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri groped my nunu


Capital FM employee and slay king Joe Muchiri is in the headlines again,for a wrong reason only that this time,it happened a while back.

He was recently under fire after a r*pe comment spiral out of control though he apologized.

So what did he do you wonder?

Joe Muchiri is being accused by a lady named Binti M for groping her v*gina .

Via her twitter account @BintiM  she narrates what happened

Been thinking a lot about saying this. But after seeing someone prominent being exposed on Black Twitter and as that tweet said, speaking out is about making sure other women don’t go through it.

I also would rather not be on those gossip blogs but yeah. About 2 years ago on a night out with friends, Joe Muchiri groped me.

We’d gone out with friends at Treehouse for that Mardi Gras party and then we ran into him. The people I was with were friends with him so we ended up going to Skyluxx. I didn’t pay much attention to him cos I was hanging out with someone else. But at some point he started doing

that thing where he forces people to drink bottles. I refused and when I sat down he put his hands between my thighs and grabbed my vagina.

This next part is the hardest part because it is the most painful part of the experience. I have thought hard about whether I should say it or not. But we have a problem of caping for abusers when they’re our friends and we need to deal with it.

My friend, a woman, who was the one who was friends with him, who was the reason we were hanging out with him in the first place, saw what he did. And when I got upset, she told me not to take it seriously because he was just drunk.

And I was shocked into silence.

I’ve thought about this a lot for the last two years. Sometimes I even forget it happened and then when I see him on the TL I remember.

Another reason I wanted to share this is because I wanted people to see that it happens to ALL OF US. Me, Aisha, fierce as I am. Chief Feminist. Master Shouter. It happened to me and I was also scared into silence.

And also because I know I’m not the only one he’s done this to. I know there are others even on this TL. I’m sorry.

Sorry for what you went through….this is heartbreaking!

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