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Sauti Sol and Patoranking release video for song entitled “Melanin”


Sauti Sol have given us two great tracks this year with “Friendzone” and “Love Again” a collabo with C4 Pedro. The songs feature some great ballads and wonderful guitar work by Polycarp Fancyfingers. Now to the reason I have written this article, their new song “Melanin”.

 Sauti Sol melanin cover
Sauti Sol melanin cover. photo credit: sautisol


Obviously the title means the dark pigment that gives us negroes our black and beautiful skin. The positives from the song: The girls are really, really beautiful. Chimano’s and Biens’s verses are the standout’s for me on the track. The negatives: I don’t find the beat particularly memorable with the song feeling like a mishmash of too many ideas that just do not mesh well.

Patoranking and Savara
From L to R: Patoranking and Savara . photo credit: sautisol


Overall, this song gets a B from me. I feel like this is another “Shake yo Bam Bam” by the foursome a few years back. A potential club-banger that tries too hard. Maybe it is my initial bias. Who knows? it might become the next “Wabe” by Frasha and Gabu.

Here are some other opinions of fans who have watched the video:

Jennifer Mugi wrote:

dem gals looking like some snack

awesome track and steamy video.. I miss Chimano vocals.. next song let him be the lead singer please..
uyo jamaa alieimba verce ya mwisho bora wamemueka mwisho wangemweka mwanzo nisingesikiliza nyimbo hadi mwisho…amekill wote
I just like the last part of bien….atleast it doesn’t sound fake dancehall…..The rest the dance moves aren’t matching with the beat…The beats isn’t even close to dancehall..and savara is talking about the dancehall moves…..But I like the creativity…..But you know what my opinion shouldn’t matter.. we are see things differently….but this one can’t out do Unconditional beb.
There you have it. Check out the video below:

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