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photos proving how much Risper Faith is crazy in love with Brayo


R. Kelly once sang “When a woman loves, she loves for real” and how true he was because it is very evident that the socialite, businesswoman and actor Risper Faith is indeed very much in love with her bae, Brayo and is very protective of him and ladies, be warned don’t mess with Risper Faith’s man.

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After Brayo proposed to her

Brayo proposing to Risper Faith

So they are not just boyfriend and girlfriend since Brayo popped that question to Risper Faith and and she said yes. 😍😍😍😍

Risper Faith said yes to Brayo

To convince you even further, these are the photos that Risper Faith has posted with his cute and sexy women magnet of a man, who is just known as Brayo that suggests that she don’t only love her but proves that he loves her too. These photos will give you hope to love once again or just LOVE your bae with all the energy you’ve got.



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