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nilimguza kwa sababu nampenda! pervert tries to justify himself in court


I keep on writing stories about love gone sour and ending up in tears. But at least today’s story does not have a murder victim. Phew! All it has is some very twisted logic from a man accused of groping a woman inappropriately( by the way can you grope appropriately?) Ignore me, please.

trump meme. photo credit: know your meme
trump meme. photo credit: know your meme

The man at the center of this whole saga is called Alexander Mbondo from Mombasa county. The man has been accused by the police of groping the woman inappropriately twice at a bus stage and inside a shop. Twice! Even once is one too many!

He claimed that the reason he was led to grope her in public was because of her stunning beauty and his uncontrollable attraction to her. All the hallmarks of a stalker right here. Att least he ain’t stealing panties. Or is he? Come to think of it which would be worse the panty stealing stalker you don’t know about or the touchy feeling one like the accused? Honest question here. Me, take my ngothas but please leave my favourite ones. Which ones? The ones with the darker shades. Why?  They wash easy! Hehehe! Ignore me, please!

So back to Honourable pervert himself. Mr. Mbondo added that he was smitten by the woman and his desire was to“marry her instantly” if she agreed to his proposal. Seriously dude you are in jail!  But the woman, a mother of two, said that she really loved the inmate and that she too was contemplating leaving her happy marriage for him. I kid! She flat out refused his nonsense!

How about that? Told you this one was weird.
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