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pesa ni kitu mzuri! Nasty C gets a new pet and wow isn’t it scary!


Nasty C has had a great year. His name has really become synonymous with nasty rhymes and ill word play. The man who is coming to perform in Kenya next month has grown in stature. With stature and fame come resources and money. Also accompanying this money is an expensive taste in most artistic individuals.

Nasty C posing in red tracksuit
Nasty C. photo credit: instagram/ nasty csa


Look at Michael Jackson with keeping giraffes and monkeys. So Nasty C is learning from the best when he decided to debut a new pet on his social media page. The difference between the pet his showed out and most normal pets is that his can eat you so that you become “the late”.

I know I am keeping you on tenterhooks. Sawa, drumroll please!. The pet is a shark. Yes you heard that right. A shark! The image below shows Nasty with the “nasty”.

Nasty C posing with pet shark
Nasty C. photo credit: instagram/ nasty csa

The caption that accompanied the photo was a question from Nasty C to his fans for suggestions on pet names. Some of the responses from fans are below:

  • fvck_gal_graduate wrote:
  • Iyoh y would u even consider havin such as a pet!? □
  • ascend_mkhonto wrote:
  • Them photoshop skills are crazy. Only photographers will understand the contrast. Dope editing
  • arny_rsa wrote:
  • Can’t we just leave the sharks in their natural habitat? Does it make people feel powerful to put a shark on their pool? Mxm. But anyway. 💅🏽 That’s non of my business. ☕️
  • colieto_diablo wrote:
  • Name her BIG TING
  • sfiso_tyrant wrote:
  • How about- Death Of Me…
  • What do you guys think? Is it photoshop or does Nasty C really have a pet shark?
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