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woman regrets turning down Phyno’s advances before he blew up(video)


They say, good women are the loyal ones and those are hard to get. One woman came forth recently to open up about how she regrettably turned down Phyno’s advances on the then popular social platform 2Go and how she saw the musician had no chance in the music industry because of his style of rapping and that she was a small “pikin”(child).


Now that Phyno is a household name, the woman in question wants a piece of the ‘So far so good’ crooner. Phyno has not yet responded to this.

Watch the video below



Lady who turned down Phyno years ago on 2go before he blew, is apologizing years after.

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Free advice to women, just stay loyal to your man even though he don’t have anything. What drives a man to success is the inevitable success that he is bound to have so lonog as he has a vision of what he wants to be in the future

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