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“Where is the tyranny of numbers?” Babu Owino reveals how Uhuru Kenyatta fell for Raila Odinga’s trick


Uhuru Kenyatta ‘won’ August 8th general election with 8 million votes. The president is nowhere close to that figure in October 26th repeat presidential election.

Low turnout was been witnessed across Kenya on Thursday during repeat presidential election. The idea that Uhuru had numbers was squashed by the low turnout on Thursday.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino has been taunting Jubilee after October 26th repeat election recorded a 33% turnout against 70% turnout in August 8th general election.

“33-5(others)=28 Jubilee Party scored roughly 28% in the just concluded repeat Presidential election down from 54% #KenyaPoll #ElectionsBoycottKE,” wrote Babu Owino in one post.

The MP further claims that Raila’s withdrawal from the repeat presidential election was a well calculated move by Raila Odinga to prove that Uhuru Kenyatta doesn’t have the tyranny of numbers as claimed.




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