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We won’t accept sham elections! Raila Odinga


Raila Odinga has asked the people of Kisumu not to attack the Kikuyu men and women who live in the region because they are their brothers and sisters,who are struggling just like them.

Raila insists that, the evils of Uhuru Kenyatta should not be transferred to the innocent people.

The NASA leader claims he will issue a directive on the eve of the 26 October elections. He says, the opposition is aware that over 300 military men have been dispatched to the region to oversee the polls.

Raila Odinga maintains that,the right to life is universally recognized and is enshrined in our constitution. Extrajudicial killings have no place whatsoever in ours or indeed any moral society.

‘The repressive Jubilee regime has misused the armed forces in its attempt to quell dissent by patriots demanding a free and fair election. The culture of killing with impunity must come to an end.’ he says.

‘We pass our deepest condolences to the bereaved families and promise to follow up on each and every case and bring those found responsible to justice. These deaths shall not have been in vain.’

‘No amount of threats from any quarter will subdue Kenyans into accepting the sham election planned by the inept IEBC, slated for next week.’ Mr Odinga insists.

While other Kenyans were celebrating this year’s Mashujaa Day, the NASA team were mourning the deaths of their supporters who were reportedly killed during the anti-IEBC demos.They attended a special prayer service for victims of police brutality in Kisumu.

The demos were meant to force IEBC officers embroiled in the August elections to leave office. At the same time, the CEO Ezra Chiloba has taken a leave instead until the elections are done.

Here are so the photos from Bondo:

Kenyans are now waiting to see what will happen on the 26 of October,will the elections go down? What will Raila tell his supporters on the 25th?

We only hope and pray there will be peace amid all this political madness.


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