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the hunk of today, Ken Fredrick


The hunk is a talented model who has a beautiful face that can woe any woman and make her weak on her knees. Ken Fredrick is so much talented so much so he was nominated for the coveted ‘Male Model of the Year 2017’ by the Kenya Fashion Awards alongside his pal Nelvin Chuma, Gabu Fords, Kelvin Sting, Brian Onyango and Alvin Lee. I guess time will tell who will be the winner of the coveted award, but with a body like this, am putting my money to Ken Fredrick. And oh, before I forget, he has a lovely, beautiful daughter and he is also a close friend of Classic 105 radio host, Maina Kageni and many other local celebrities.

With a body like his, charisma on point and hunk of a man, many doors and windows will continue opening up for this talented man. Today, we have him as the Hunk of the day. Check out the photos below


photos via Instagram/ken_fredrik

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