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speaker of county assembly has some extravagant demands that shock staff!


Speaker of an assembly is supposed to speak and control the assembly. Of course they are, You will say! But this certain speaker is joining the ranks of those politicians that behave badly once power gets into their heads. Staff at a County Assembly in the North Rift have been a taken aback by a sudden change of lifestyle of the Speaker. For a man who speaks a lot, he must abide by the meme belew.

silver tongue with chinese
silver tongue meme. photo credit: quickmeme


The recently elected speaker is living large to the point that locals have started questioning his other source of income since he has only earned a salary for two months. The energetic leader is also pushing for a makeover of his office while insisting that he will not use what his predecessor has been using. Don’t you know that you can’t use the same office that has been used by your predecessor! Sheesh! Politicians are different from us! Ofisi lazima ibadilike!

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expensive taste. photo credit:


He has since asked for two private secretaries in his office strategically place at entry and exit doors. The new sheriff wants MCAs to pass a supplementary budget which will have funds for the purchase of another high-end vehicle for his official use. The staffs insist that he has weird tendencies that might see taxpayers dig more into their pockets just to satisfy his ego.

Or maybe his deep pockets. because most likely the office will never be built but the funds for the office will most likely be stolen or misappropriated. But that cannot happen in Kenya cause our “Honourable” politicians only care about our needs to the utmost.

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