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PHOTOS:’Raila Odinga Must Pay!’ MP Leads Youth to Raila Odinga’s Capitol Hill Office To Drop off Matatus Burnt During anti-IEBC protest!


After matatus were set ablaze during Raila Odinga’s led Anti-IEBC demos,Forward Travellers Matatu Owners are currently making their way to Raila Odinga’s Capital Hill Office to present the burnt matatu.

The Sacco members who have closed operation today are taking the matatu that was burnt during CORD demonstrations in a bid to seek compensation.

Meanwhile a group of youth have blocked Juja Road in demonstrations against the burning of the matatu.

The youth are said to be holding counter protests against CORD demanding that the coalition pays for the matatu that was burnt in the area on Monday by their supporters.

Residents in the area have been forced to stay indoors and close businesses to avoid damage and injuries.

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