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photos, Notiflow meets Birdman


The outspoken female rapper in the east African region, Notiflow who also isn’t shy to show off her skin has been on almost everyone’s tongue after posting sensual photos of her photos online.

The rapper met up with Birdman, not the American rapper but someone who looks exactly like him and even have the same tattoos like the Cash Money Brothers’ C.E.O himself. The Kenyan Birdman calls himself  “Kenyan Birdman 5 star jr”

But Kenya gat real haters . Even if it was the real @birdman5star maaf**kaz would still hate so f**k y’all 😬 I mean ..haters will still hate whether u do good or bad. So wat if he wanna be #birdman ? U can be whatever or whoever you wanna be . We don’t give a f**k at all 😁 @kenyanbirdman5starjnr woddup 👊 we jus #inhalethegoodsh*t & #exhalethebullsh*t ya digg 👅” – Notiflow said



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