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P Square brothers Peter And Paul fight at lawyer’s office before finally breaking up for good (Video)


P Square as you knew is no more, the Nigerian twins finally split after years of unending conflicts. Peter and Paul Okoye were embroiled in vicious fights together with their elder brother Jude who also served as their manager.

The trio met at their lawyers office (Festus Keyamo ) on Monday September 25th to officially terminate the agreement binding them together as P Square.

According to the copy of a letter in some media outlets on Monday, Peter based his decision on some serious allegations against his twin Paul and older brother Jude. He accused Paul of no longer willing to co-operate with him, and even gone as far as cancelling their scheduled music tour to the United States.

Peter further added that Paul was also slandering his wife and children with lies on social media, and alleged that his family was being threatened with threat messages. He also accused Jude of threatening to kill him and shoot his wife Lola. Peter stressed that he was tired of the “drama” and all he wanted was opting out of the P Square group and contract.

Well, there was drama at the lawyer’s office before the agreement to split P Square was finally reached. Paul and Jude ganged up against Peter and for a moment a fist fight almost ensued.

Watch the drama in the video below:


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