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Nazlin Umar shares details of her lover affair with Duale


Nazlin Umar has spoken after a leaked audio of Duale pleading for her love. The viral tape show a deep connection between the former Presidential aspirant and the now Garrisa MP.

Before I delve into issues, why is my beauty, age under attack, why the jealousy ? Or should I say my phenomenal stupifying stupendous beauty?? After all someone has been stunned isn’t it, if that audio is alone to go by? And I must be an exceptionally beautiful at heart to be soo deeply loved and pleaded with, pampered to no end, promised the sun and the moon?!! All this doesn’t change who I am.

No doubt Allah has favored me, many 22 year olds would feel challenged. Even my hair is still black. But as I have always said much as I appreciate Allah’s unique favor, my beauty is my greatest dilemma as is the hon to the rhino and the tusks to the elephant. My biggest tragedy, my imtehaan,” Nazlin Umar says.

“And by the way, since when was remarrying and living halal, albeit public or secret, a sin in Islam?? People are turning the most honorable pillast of our faith into a slander. Have we returned to the times of the jahiliyah? Is this how we will portray Islam??

“Why do my past marriages now be seen as sinful?? So what if one of them became a public event, my SIX year marriage to Chatur? Does it matter what he said, or what the two witnesses of our marriage, nikah had to say?? Isn’t this the very reason that the rule of contract applies to Islamic nikah, it being a sacramental contract in Islam, so that if one party denies nikah then either one of the two witnesses will suffice as testimony to the truth. In my case both defended me. An imam from parklands masjid conducted our nikah.”

“Even after his denial, the TWO adil witnesses gave their testimonies in my favor. Swore affidavits to court, that yes, indeed they witnessed the nikah between us and other issues. This was headline news in Kenya. When he was cross examined in court, five times. He contradicted his earlier denials and admitted to everything. Its all in court record. My main suit stands unchallenged. And no. It wasn’t 200m but SIX billion that is before court. I wasn’t a housewife but a working wife, as head of chatur group of companies, head of investments, head of everything. I proved that to court through a certified court proceeding from another matter that we both used to attend to in defense of our properties and how we both acted in that matter and under what mandate. Nazlin Umar  continues.

“Yes I was married to the late marhoum Abdul Rahman Abass, another Somali, Garre. So what? A short stint for three months. His age and daughters became an issue. Kheir. That’s in the past, or so I thought! The proposal was brought to me in most Islamic fashion by the chairman of madinah center mosque in mbagathi way and the former chief kadhi Hammad Kassim who himself conducted our nikah in the home Abass got for us to start living in, in the presence of many witnesses, my family, his friends. I didn’t even get paid my mahar, promises of marriage were abrogated. I never sued him. I never slandered him. I Never reported him, I left him to Allah. He was a multi- trillionaire. I left all that to Allah and moved on in peace. I speak no I’ll of him, he has passed on at the mercy of Allah now.

“These marriages and public drama of ONE matter was well known to the majority leader andbthw whole world long before he decided he wanted me in his life. Why does that bother anyone else? Why does that get twisted today to harm me, the woman he professes mad love for? (More to come on this later)”

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