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‘Mat Za Ronga’ by Tunji is the song that everybody is talking about


Tunji just took the matatu culture to a whole new level by making a music in honor of matatus especially the ones from Ongata Rongai. It is a given that the matatu culture in Kenya is one unique industry in the whole world and it is almost synonymous to Nairobi.

rapper Tunji
Tunji | courtesy

Tunji released the track ‘Mat Za Ronga’ which pays tribute to matatus from Ongata Rongai and rightfully so as there’s no other pimped and souped-up matatus that comes close to Ongata Rongai’s. This song will be immortalized by not only Nairobians but everyone in the world as it brings the matatu culture to them. Watch the video for ‘Mat Za Ronga’ below



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