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grapevine: popular M.P from Ukambani behaving badly at parliament cafeteria


An M.P from Ukambani is taking the definition of bad behaviour to a whole new level. The middle-aged M.P has been found wanting in how he treats the wait staff at the parliament cafeteria.

bad customers meme
bad customers meme. photo credit: mem generator


The middle-aged politician normally shouts and hollers at the waiters and waitresses to such an extent that they no longer want to go anywhere near his table. This has made the attendants devise cunning ways of avoiding his table. This is really sad! When people are so scared in their workplace, that they would rather avoid a section of it so as to have some peace in their job.

This big-man syndrome has made their workplace one of hostility. Let us pray that for the staffs’ sake that the M.P sees the error in his ways and becomes a gentleman.

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