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Kenyans on Twitter state reasons why Uhuru Kenyatta is not their president


#NotMyPresident was among the trending topics on Twitter immediately IEBC announced Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of October 26th repeat presidential elections.

12 million Kenyans boycotted October 26th repeat presidential election while 7.6 million took part in the election. Uhuru Kenyatta was declared winner with 7.4 million votes which represented 98% of total votes cast.

The October 26th repeat poll recorded a 38.84% turnout compared to 79.17% voter turnout in August 8th general election.

Election only took place in 266 of Kenya’s 290 constituencies. There were no election at all in 24 constituencies in Nyanza.

All these factors put together form the basis why most Kenyans feel Uhuru Kenyatta was elected by minority of registered voters in Kenya.

Some of those opposed to Uhuru’s presidency are pushing for secession claiming that that unpopular president is ruling them against their will.

Below are some of the tweets from the trend #NotMyPresident :



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