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Huddah Monroe torn between marrying rich man who can’t satisfy her in bed and a poor man who’s a bedroom bully


Huddah Monroe wants to settled down but she hasn’t find her ideal man.  The socialite is looking for a rich man who can screw her like a Siberian tiger.

Huddah says most rich men have no time for sex. Her worry is that most men who are good between the sheets are broke, and she doesn’t tolerate broke men.

“I’d settle down if i find the man with a good d**k and wealth. Unfortunately most dudes with good d**ks and f**k well are dead broke. And dudes with cash might have the D but ain’t got time. And can’t really f**K. I gotta Pick a struggle!” Wrote Huddah Monroe.

The petite socialite says she would rather marry a rich man if she fails to find her ideal man. She explains that with a rich man she can secretly buy the male version of Samantha to satisfy her in bed.

Huddah further sneers at poor men saying that they are never attractive. She claims rich ambitious men are a turn on for her.

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