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Crazy world: Swarm of bees attack thief forcing him to return stolen items to the owner (Video)


The proverbial 40 days of thief became reality to a Ugandan burglar who stole a music system belonging to a man who bewitched him.

Residents of Masindi town were treated to drama on Monday November 27th after a thief was escorted by a swarm of bees to return a woofer and DVD he had stolen.

The man was crying while walking with the stolen household items. Obviously he was in pain because a swarm of bees had perched on is head and chest as he walked.

The unidentified thief was forced to return the stolen items after the bees attacked him with stings and making a home on his head, neck and almost half of his body.

Residents in Masindi milled around the man as he walked through the town’s streets heading towards the the owner of the items he stole.

Watch the video below to see how the drama unfolded:


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