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Zari, Betty Kyallo and other industry heavyweights set to share stage at entrepreneurs forum


Zari is apparently an entrepreneur! How that is possible I can’t even comprehend. She is going to be one of the guest speakers in an entrepreneurship forum with industry titans the of like Vimal Shah. Huh? You heard that right! Apart from always marrying guys that were significantly wealthy and who have raised Zari’s profile what significant thing has she done that makes her become a paragon of wisdom in entrepreneurship. And no motherhood does not qualify you to become an entrepreneur.

Zari Hassan posing in dress
Zari Hassan. photo credit: Instagram/ zarithebosslady

Betty Kyallo has earned her way on that stage. She may have had a wealthy boyfriend a while back, but that wasn’t her only claim to fame or what made her famous. Note that she was already doing well as an up and coming news anchor. She also runs her own beauty business, Posh Palace. That is entrepreneurial!

Betty Kyallo sitting on chair in pink
Betty Kyallo. photo credit: Instagram/bettymuteikyallo

This sounds like hate and it is that! I ain’t lying. One thing that I can definitely give Zari credit is that she is really good at staying in the limelight with minimal effort and without any apparent skills to be in that limelight. That is surely a skillset that she can teach people in this forum. “Fake it till you make it” or “How to be relevant and trending on social media with no effort and without and supporting talent.”

Anywho, the forum will be attended by entrepreneurs including Chandaria Capital’ Darshan, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s designer Carol Pulei, make-up artist Rose Ntongondu and Sunrise tracking’s Kevin Macharia. Radio host Adelle Onyango will also be speaking about her Project She alongside Welly Odendo of Havilah. Here is the poster below:

forum poster with Zari on cover
forum poster. photo credit:
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