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Will Smith: Tyrese lied, we didn’t give him 5 million dollars


Tyrese Gibson lied to the whole world. The Fast and Furious actor sensationally claimed Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith gave him 5 million dollars.

Tyrese posted on social media saying that Will and Jada gave him the cash to help him with his custody case.

The controversial American actor is battling his ex wife in court for the custody of their daughter.

A week ago Tyrese broke down in tears begging his ex wife Norma Gibson to allow him have partial custody of their daughter Shayla Somer Gibson.

TMZ authoritatively states that Will Smitt and his wife didn’t give Tyrese 5 million bucks like he claimed. The American news outlets says Will and Jada didn’t give Tyrese a single coin.



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