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Will Maraga Nullify October Election? Mutahi Nguyi reveals details


Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has shared his sentiments,on whether the Supreme Court will nullify the October 26 elections.

Is The Maraga Coup Part Two On? Exploring the Darkness in Our Politics and the Light Ahead?
‘After the August victory, Jubilee went to sleep. They were woken up by the Maraga shock and they seem to be repeating the same sleeping sickness after the October victory. Yet the Maraga who executed a coup in August could execute a second coup in eight days on November 20th. If the October election is nullified in my view, country will snap and that’s why I invite Uhuru to do everything humanly possible to ensure a nullification does not happen. After all, Uhuru is the state and he can do that,’ says Mutahi Ngunyi.
He also notes that NASA leader has no plan for the country.
Mutahi Ngunyi claims Raila is running up down trying to see if he can have a way simply because he has no plan to execute.
‘In my view, Raila is just a gambler. And he is gambling with ideas to see which one will work. From economic sabotage to succession, interim government to reporting Kenyans to ‘wazungus’ in America. All these are gambles in such of one good luck!’

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