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widow commits suicide after she finds out she and her daughter are sleeping with the same man!


A widow or widower normally has a tough life after their husband or wife has passed on. This is normally due to the pressures in life ranging from finances to just trying to raise your children/children on your own. It is hard. But this next story is truly sad because of the what happened to this particular widow.

Widow- Merlania Trump
Widow- Merlania Trump. photo credit:Twitter/carla ciccone

Villagers in Magombe village in Rarieda, Siaya County, are in shock after a widow committed suicide after she discovered she was sharing a man with her form three daughter.( happens but gadem!) According to residents the woman committed suicide after she found out that her PASTOR boyfriend was also seeing her daughter. And people think I criticise these pastors unfairly.

Hypocrisy meme
Hypocrisy meme. photo credit: pinterest
The widow then proceeded to take her on life after elders in the village apparently called for a baraza to discuss how to cleanse the two for the ‘bad omen.’ But she did not wait for that intervention because sadly,  she was found dangling from a mango tree before the cleansing could be done.The honourable double dealing man is a pastor at a local church.
Actions quote
Actions quote. photo credit: pinterest


Again the pastor strikes! Even away from the church they still wreck immense damage on their flock! With pastors like these who needs the devil? By the way I don’t condone what the mother did. Suicide, I believe is never the way to handle things. It may seem easy but you are not the only victim of a suicide.( the taboo topic in Africa)

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