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why your husband has an eye for your house help


Have you ever wondered why your husband always likes staring at your house help or always reaching out on her whenever he wants anything in your house i.e food to be served, clothes to be ironed, an errand to be done or someone to chat with? Well, that means that there’s something you are doing wrong and the good thing about it all is that you can prevent it altogether by following these few tips on how to prevent this;

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Many wives assume their work is done once they are married and held in wedlock and imagine that one time ceremony would keep her house intact without other effort to seal the bond thus endangering themselves in carelessness as follows:

  1. Keeping their hair unkempt and always keeping simple baby hair styles while the house help uses the little salary she get from her masters house to go to a salon
  2. Warring cheap marketing T-shirts branded with inscriptions of washing detergents or a soft drink instead of nicely done clothes which are already in your closet to tame your husband’s ayes. Take sexy clothes any ware them around your hubby appropriately instead of making yourself look like an advert poster. The maid on the other hand fixes herself neatly and ready to present herself before your visitors including your hubby.
  3. Refusing to fix sagging breasts with a nice bra that holds them in position that catches your hubbies ayes yet the house help looks like she was the master in the house with at times sleazy and tights that make your husband’s ayes searching for the house help
  4. Refusing to brush your teeth and always wish to get a close touch of your hubby and even sleeping on his chest yet you have plenty of teeth paste that you can repeatedly use and even mouthwashes to impress your hubby. The house help on the other hand has used the same and your husband can’t wait to look at her glowing teeth and attracting smiles.
  5. How does your panty look like on the line, does it have dark sweat marks and look like they were rinsed by a baby and what does your hubby see when her dashed in the helps room and happens to see her panties that are a direct opposite to yours.
  6. Do I hold mature chats with my hubby or lets the house help take centre stage.
  7. How hospitable am i with my guests especially his friends and what inference do they make of your wife in comparison to your house help.

The list can go on and on and we need to style up and tame our husbands.

Take your position and be responsible for your own actions if you have to keep your house alive and most importantly, your marriage intact and happy. Just style up

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