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why Philip Etemesi is the best Kenyan writer of our generation


I love reading. I read anything interesting that I see. It’s what I enjoy doing, more than anything else. In all my years reading both foreign and local blogs, I have not seen a more skillful and more entertaining writer than Philip Etemesi.  I mean, the guy is truly gifted. The guy can write. Each of his articles leaves you scratching your head and saying “Damn, this is the best thing I have ever read.”

His blog is full of gems. It’s an oasis of useful information when it comes to lungula and relationships. Once you dip your head into one of his works, you don’t come out the same as you were before. You come out wiser and more badass. The mistakes you used to make with girls or guys end up being a thing of the past.

Philip Etemesi. photo credit: courtesy
Philip Etemesi. photo credit: courtesy


Most writers/bloggers here in Kenya care too much about being politically correct instead of just speaking their hearts out. They care about being decent instead of caring about putting out good content. In the end, you feel like there’s a lot missing in their pieces. Philip Etemesi isn’t like that. He tells it like it is. He lays it all bare. He goes harder than a Lennox Lewis punch in his heyday. He isn’t afraid of using explicit language or offending anyone. He just writes his heart out. That’s what a reader loves. He has the guts to write what many people don’t even have the courage to say, let alone write.

Etemesi is a unique writer because he is never afraid of being judged by the holier than thou people. He just does what he does. Which brings me to his lungula tales. Etemesi is a masterful storyteller. He is able to create worlds infused with a sense of magic. He makes you feel like you were in that room, watching him bang that girl live. Sometimes he makes you want to have a piece of the action too.

Etemesi’s mastery of language is kinda unique too. He knows how to play with words.  Even when he uses tough words (which he likes to do by the way), you don’t feel like you are missing out. He still finds a way to make you understand what he is saying.

The guy is on a level of his own. If haven’t been introduced to him yet, you need to check him out. You will be amazed. When it’s the first time you are reading his stuff, some of it might shock you or even annoy you if you aren’t used to such content but then after a while, you will get addicted. Like cocaine, you won’t stop consuming. You will be waiting impatiently for him to drop a new piece every time so that you can check his out.

I feel that greatness should always be appreciated. That’s why I wrote this. Etemesi is the best Kenyan writer of our time and I choose to appreciate him.  May his work catapult him into even greater heights.

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