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Why do Kenyans want to trust a drunk driver to lead? Abduba Dida


Presidential aspirant Abduba Dida has thrown attacks at President Uhuru Kenyatta saying he is not fit to lead Kenyans.

This comes after the politician also asked him to go to the rehab.

Uhuru would have been one man who if he asks, God would have accepted his prayers but only after going for rehabilitation. Sincerely speaking… it is not an issue of tribal, Uhuru needs 3 months rehabilitation, urgent, if you love him and respect him, please take him there,” said Abduba Dida.

During NTV’s Sidebar hosted by Ken Mijungu.

“If you cannot trust a person with four passengers in a car, how can you trust a ‘drunk’ person with 40 million Kenyans? It is democratic for you to criticise your president,” asks Dida.

As for Raila Odinga, he asks,what can a man who failed to uplift a constituency do to changes lives of people in a country.


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