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when should dads & moms start talking with their children about sex?


Young people grow very fast these days with girls developing breasts at the age of 12 years or even below that age and young boys developing strange vocal sounds and at time experiencing wet dreams and even begin masturbating at about 13 to 15 years of age.

What would be the appropriate age of talking to them about sex and sexuality without feeling let out in their life or even being caught unawares when you realize that they are different from how you used to know them before and noted by the new behaviors developed as they grow older.

It is therefore appropriate to initiate certain talks with these young adults at an early age when they easily appreciate what we say to them with little or no questions at all. Since they believe in us and regard adults as mentors, we should begin talking about sex when they are at a stage of discovering who they really are and ready to explore sexuality matters.

Father with sad preteen daughter. Photo courtesy

At the age of 11 years young girls and boys are capable of gathering almost everything you pump into their brain without questioning their authenticity whatsoever.

Parents should try and be very open with their children about themselves from sexuality, social life, spirituality and other aspects of life. You as a parent should inform them about the various sexual organs they have and what they are meant for in life. Children need to know the difference between a vagina and a penis and what functions these two organs play in life, the girls should be made to know that breasts are useful for to the men they’ll meet in life and for nursing babies they expect to get some time in life.

As they advance in age they should be told why these sexual organs should only be touched by their spouses when in marriage and not for any other passerby fisi they come across in life. The spiritual aspects in regard to sex and also social connotations regarding the same. How would people look at you when you give each and every person your innocence and how about moral issues attached to the same?

Mum spending some quality time with his son. PHOTO courtesy
Mum spending some quality time with his son. PHOTO courtesy

Who should really do this “important talk” between the two parents, is dad more suitable to talk to daughters and mom to the boys or is vice versa more appropriate, other would wish to bring in uncles, cousins, grannies and still other couples prefer doing this in presence of both of them gradually.

Would you rather let the society teach your children or you personally do it. How about others who let the media educate their children and what about funny celebrity or mentors with funny hair cuts or near necked or revealing clothes.

Mother enjoying her child's company | courtesy
Mother enjoying her child’s company | courtesy

It is important for parents to find an amicable way of informing their children about sex by themselves and let the children adopt only that as proper moral values. Question is, what if the parents in question also have funny ways of looking at the same issue, we would have proper confusion since children copy most of what they learn from parents than what they learn from outside.

Lets read a lot from various scholars and chose the right way you wish to pass important life info to them.

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