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What Jealousy Has Caused: Man Burns Randy Boda Boda Riders Bike In Fit Of Rage


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Yaani what a man in Migori did to another man was just plain wrong. Did the bodaboda rider in question deserve the treatment he got when his bike was set ablaze? Better still did the bike deserve the treatment it got?

The bodaboda rider, I think got his just rewards, the shame was in the fact it was meted out on his bike! But who cares for vehicles and how they are mistreated? I do and I will wage a one man war for cars everywhere. Magari mko wapi? Tupo! Basi, piga nduru! Peep! O.K enough.

Apparently, the randy bodaboda rider was found in the house of the lady by the jealous man who had also set his affections on the same woman. What ensued would have best been expressed in a telenovela.

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Cue the melodramatic music: Ding! Ding! Ding!

According to neighbours, the jealous man proceeded to burn the bodaboda riders bike which had been parked in the ladies homes parking bay. Where did he even get the petrol from? I wonder? I come prepared might be his response. Or that’s a stretch by me.

The interesting thing is that the two lovebirds who were most likely in the throes of lungula did not realize what was going on until the screams of the neighbours alerted them to the ensuing commotion. Now that is some good lungula.

After the incident the randy bodaboda rider has not been seen in his regular work spot. Hmm? What might have happened to him? I wonder, considering he denied the whole incident took place.

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